Anna Dhaan

Food is vital in Vedic lifestyle for growing the human consciousness. Nithyananda Annalayas (Nithyananda Food Temples) cook high-energy satvik Ayurvedic food as per Hindu Paaka Shastra (Science of Vedic cooking). 

annam bahu kurvita annam na nindayāt tat vratam ||

Let us create and share food. Let all hungry stomachs be fulfilled with food. Let us not waste food. No place you can drop food where there is no hunger (either outside orinside). That is being authentic with food.

~ Taittriya Upanisad

Anna Dhaan

Nithyananda Annalayas (Nithyananda Food Temples) cook high-energy satvik Ayurvedic food as per Hindu Bhaga Shastra (Science of Vedic cooking). Food is vital in Vedic lifestyle for growing the human consciousness.

Nithyananda Annalayas cook high-energy satvik, Ayurvedic food as per Hindu Paaka Shastra (science of Hindu cooking) in all the Aadheenams (temple-monastery complexes) and programs. Organic food is cooked as ‘Mahaprasad’ (food for the Divine) with Vedic chants and first energized and offered to the Divine as Naivedhya.

Nithyananda Annalaya serves FREE FOOD (Anna Daan) to one and all since its inception.

Offering Food to the Divine

As part of practicing the presence of God in life, offering food to the Living Deity as ‘Naivedhyam’ is done as a sacred worship ritual on daily basis and during the Vedic festivals. Once offered to the Divine, this pure “nectarine food” is partaken by the devotees and shared with all as ‘Mahaprasad’ across all temples worldwide.

Nutritious Free Meals Served to Millions

®Sattvik nutritious vegetarian meals served regularly to thousands of people during Hindu festivals as an offering to Divine. On special festivals, over 100,000 meals are served in a day.


  • 20 million free meals served a year, managed by volunteers and devotees. 
  • Free food served at all ashrams, disaster relief areas, free medical camps, Kumbha melas etc. 
  • Working towards serving organic food (pesticide-free food).

Quick Glimpses

cyclone disaster relief in pondicherry

In 2011, SPH personally led the disaster relief initiative. Emergency relief , food assistance, medical assistance and clothes were provided to all victims affected by the calamity.


Anna Dhaan during Athi Varadar Darshan

Volunteers from around Tamil Nadu state participated in this initiative after SPH urged his followers to serve the devotees who have come to have the darshan of Athi Vardar.

Anna Dhaan Relief Efforts During COVID

During the COVID Pandemic, Arunachala Sarvajnapeetam continued to serve free food as per the guidelines lai down by the local Government, for all the sadhus of Tiruvannamalai who had no other means of finding food.

Sadhus gathered at Arunachala sarvajnapeetam for free food assistance during the COVID – Pandemic lockdown,

Arunachala Sarvajnapeetam kept up the vision of serving food to every hugry  passer by even nduring the HARD conditions during COVID pandemic lockdown