Arogya Spurna Program
November 2, 2021

Mental illness can affect anyone and can develop at any time.  Its effects spread well beyond the individual to family, friends, and coworkers.  The federal government of Kailasa recognises the need for a solution,  to fight against the stigma surrounding mental illness and empower those affected by emotional distress and their loved ones to seek care.

The Federal Government of Kailasa is committed to providing humanity with the knowledge to help balance & maintain their emotions. and from our side strengthening the efforts to ensure every individual living with a mental illness, including children and young adults, the Nation’s fastest growing population diagnosed with behavioral, mental, or emotional issues, receives the care and treatment they need to live a Blissful and a peaceful life. This program is correlated with Vaidyeshwara Homa. Lord Vaidyanatha Swamy, an incarnation of Paramashiva is invoked in this homa. Vaidya means Doctor, Eeshwara or Natha means the Lord. Lord Vaidyeshwara is the cosmic healer.

In this program participants are given the opportunity to offer oblations to Lord Vaidyeshwara. KDHS to prioritise the responsibility to help the citizens of KAILSA to form their mental issues through the Nithya arogya program. The course identifies and extirpates  the negative thought patterns that incentivize rash decisions in life. This program helps learners reach a space of completion with themselves and life.


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