Nayana Deeksha
November 2, 2021

Deeksha or ‘initiation’ is the direct transfer of spiritual energy from Paramashiva. Deeksha is revered in the Vedic tradition as the ultimate benefaction that a master can confer upon his disciple on the spiritual path. A myriad of people have experienced miraculous healing of diseases, intellectual clicks, mystical occurrences from the living representative of Paramashiva in the form of various initiations such as initiation through Nayana (Sight), Mantra (Sound) and/or Sparsha (Touch)

Deeksha results in the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, further initiating the chain to discover one’s highest inner potential energy. Research in neuroscience has proved that deeksha floods the body and brain with Kundalini energy.

When Kundalini ascends the spine through the Sushumna Nadi (the main channel of subtle energy), it results in a huge energy influx into the brain. As it flows from the thalamus to the cortex, Kundalini commences a powerful energy loop within the brain which awakens the latent, non-mechanical parts. With increasing levels of coherence, the whole brain functions at its pinnacle, turning into a superconductor of conscious energies that heal, empower and transform lives. Enhanced awareness levels, greater creativity and extraordinary powers start to express: levitation, teleportation and materialization. This influx of superconscious energy also visibly slows down the ageing process and improves immunity to disease. The Federal Government of Kailasa is committed to providing all Hindus and the entire humanity with an empowering and peaceful life, hence recognises the need for initiation

KHS ensures that citizens of KAILASA are blessed with the Nayana Deeksha during spiritual discourses and initiations in de facto spiritual embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities, including all Hindu Temples, Monasteries, Satsang Temples, Pādukā Mandirs, Satsang Centres, Micronations, Paramaśiva Senā Śākhās, healing centres, franchisee campuses, Hindu Universities and schools through modern video-conferencing technologies. For highly receptive seekers, even a side-glance from the Guru’s eyes is an initiation. Such a glance is revered in Vedic tradition as ‘Guru kataasksham’. Every nayana deeksha is followed by reports of spontaneous healing, intellectual ‘clicks’ and spiritual clarity, proving that time and space are no barriers to the power of an incarnation’s initiation.


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