Nithya Dhyana Spurana Program
November 2, 2021

Meditation practices have become widely accepted as one of the most rewarding, life-enhancing practices available today. Mediation provides a multitude of mental, emotional, and physical benefits, as scientific evidence indicates. The absolute power of collective meditation transforms global tendencies such as reduction in crime rates. Therefore, KHS brings forth various programs designed to help people center themselves in their Being and re-connect with their true meditative nature. Nithya Dhyana Spurana is a program to liberate from the clutches of the mind, from emotions, which are again just a by-product of our mind. It is aimed at breaking the mythical mental setup of pain and pleasure and creating a space in each individual for meditation to flower.

This program offers several meditation techniques suited to all types of people conceived. It is a unique program aimed at the flowering of meditation within each and every individual. It is a program that clears the unconscious in every individual and puts one on the path of Eternal Bliss or Nithya Ananda.


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