eNPregnancy Conscious Birthing the Vedic Way
April 8, 2020

eNPregnancy is the essence of the conscious Pregnancy program to create the perfect receptacle for the ultimate landing of the intelligent soul.

Unlike modern child birthing techniques and methods of care, eNPregnancy delivers a comprehensive blend of both Garbha Upanishad and modern science to guide one through the period of blissful pregnancy while in the presence of an Avatar. The Avatar blesses and guides the parent and breathes intelligence, the cosmic consciousness into the human life while the being takes birth in the womb. Rooted in Vedic traditions, eNPregnancy gives proper enriching context while using the ancient practices of completion, conscious birthing, prenatal and postnatal care. There are many successes and testimonials of enlightened babies and children birthed consciously through the guidance of eNPregnancy, the presence of the Avatar himself.

An integral program is available via Nithyananda Hindu University for soon to be parents who feel inspired to bring these life changing enlightening Vedic sciences and conscious into their own parenting experience. So much importance is made for these methods to bring subsequent step towards positive change and contribution for the wave of future generations.

Enroll here: https://nithyanandauniversity.teachable.com/p/en-pregnancy-care


  • 100% babies are born with extraordinary health, immunity, good weight and grow with high IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient).
  • ‘Zero incidence’ of epidural anesthesia in natural deliveries proving painless birthing and conscious and blissful experience for the
    mother and child.
  • Shorter labor periods.
  • Significant drop in caesarian section rate.
  • ‘Zero incidence’of post-partum depression to date.
  • 90% babies show yogic mudras (a spiritual gesture with the fingers like ‘chin mudra’ or with the whole body).
  • Techniques are established to harness the power of “epigenesis” to select the right genes during conception, which eliminates genetic transmission of diseases and behavioral patterns in the progeny.
  • Techniques include Nithya YogaSM, Nithya KriyaSM, Science of CompletionSM, meditation, visualization techniques, mantra chanting and garbha samvaada (communing with the unborn baby!) preparing the baby’s body with positive bio-memories which attract a highly evolved and intelligent soul at the time of delivery.
  • Periodic eN PregnancySM classes – prenatal and postnatal – for the parents (online and classroom sessions).
  • 100s of couples taking the program globally.
  • Guides doctors in effortless antenatal care and birthing.

More Info: https://enpregnancycare.org/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=3555692d93762c4604b62d8d36ed5ff015e831e9-1586361981-0-Ae3d6_UFp5in1o8-JaIGR8MlAMohCVgGtuPdDa_QAIvxAFoxit-qn-UG3VeKEyZwKrOP17DFexaVaKaH2c1Tee1bJdR4YOJnskX_b1X6YowrlsG8k2xa3EtDvNCvxb-pCt2hOad4vHVOH39jppYOeqZGtF2MFuO9TlyPVq6sdhgcAymQL5zf0Ylr103DnKhnjZ_7HnnHYdvkqvJUySW9vHptUrTyX26M7jU6fx9OsoDlY9dG8BXZqcrgonWO13gOrUxmpo-p6PWsDQ7UQMDPKNc


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