Maheshwara Puja for Covid-19 victims and families
April 7, 2020

Maheshwara Puja is an ancient Hindu ritual which is offered in remembrance of the deceased and souls whose left the body. The tradition is carried out by offering of food from master to monastic disciples. In Nithyananda Monastic order, The Supreme Pontiff, Avatar and enlightened master of the Nithyananda Sampradaya liberates the ancestors to enlightenment and offers “pinda” or food to their journey to enlightenment. 

Offering food to the Master is equal to feeding ten thousand hungry people. The best place on Planet Earth to give “pinda tharpana” (food for the departed souls, completion with living and those who left the body) is the stomach of a Sannyasi.

The Jataragni (digestive fire), the hunger fire of a Sannyasi is the best fire into which you can offer the pinda tharpana. The Shraaddha (ritual offering to departed souls), reaches the pithrus (departed ancestors) directly.

It is a thousand times greater than offering any “shraaddha”, any “pinda”, in any river, any water-body, any lake, any holy land, any holy place. Sannyasis have no other desire or intention but to get Enlightened and get dissolved in the Cosmos. Feeding them and offering Puja to them brings about the same effect in the departed soul and helps them attain Enlightenment and get merged with the Cosmos. In this puja the Sannyasis are treated as Lord Shiva Himself and are offered biksha and fed.

Proven through many past testimonies, the Maheshwara puja instantly bestows the performer with peace, completion and emotional relief to smoothly recover from the trauma of the loss of a loved one. It can also be offered to oneself in aid of one’s journey of enlightenment by freeing oneself from the karmic baggage of lifetimes.

SHRIKAILASA, the greatest Hindu Nation is extended its services not just to all the countries affected by COVID-19 but also to the souls departed due to this pandemic, thereby establishing global peace. The Supreme Pontiff of SHRIKAILASA have opened the doors to liberate all the souls departed due to COVID-19. Participants can send the picture of anyone whose departed their bodies due to the pandemic and unburden them off their karmic baggage!

The Supreme Pontiff of SHRIKAILASA; His Divine Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, who has taken up a rigorous 28-day Hindu religious fast – the Pacchai Pattini Vratham; ritualistically concluded his historic and traditional fast in prayer to spiritually heal the planet from the Coronavirus pandemic.

On April 5th, 2020, in prayer for the peace of all departed souls – due to the pandemic, the fast has been concluded with a rare and sacred Hindu ritual called Maheshwara Puja- a traditional ritual performed by the order of monks for the peace and liberation of departed souls.

On March 13th, 2020 His Divine Holiness inspired and lead practicing Hindus worldwide to undertake the Pacchai Pattini Vratham, as one of SHRIKAILASA’smany initiatives to spiritually heal the world of the Coronavirus pandemic that has now affected 170 countries with 500,000 confirmed cases and 23,000 deaths to date.

Another major initiative taken up by His Divine Holiness, at this time of global pandemic is the ‘Paramashivoham level 2’ program. Participants from 85 countries around the world participated in the 16-day program for intense prayer and meditation. Through 16 dedicated hours each day, His Divine Holiness personally conducted the program supporting and spiritually healing them in all dimensions, with the aid of various ancient spiritual sciences and practices of Hinduism.

On understanding the impact and negative hangover that would result from the Coronavirus pandemic, His Divine Holiness declared that healing the world of coronavirus is the Spiritual responsibility of SHRIKAILASA. What started with simple self- quarantine, grew into a national emergency and now has exploded into global pandemic; SHRIKAILASA shoulders the responsibility to bring out a comprehensive solution- to spiritually heal the departed, diseased and disheartened.

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